For the next 5 hours, my muse cannot lie about a n y t h i n g.

In character or not, anon or not, ask my muse whatever you want! Secret habits, diary entries, love interests, humiliating questions about their childhood, ANYTHING.


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Every (¬‿¬) I get my muse will remove a piece of clothing.





outofhq: We only got him shirtless last time…how naked can Silver get?

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It looks so simple yet it has so much details… _(:3 > L)_


It looks so simple yet it has so much details… _(:3 > L)_

"Hello, Olivia. You're available to teach me how to do that thing you do... You know, where you swing around your hips and everyone stares at you. It seems to have added to your appeal and I've decided its time to add a little something to mine. Not that men don't stare at me, but a certain one..." She blushed, "Well, my rambling is getting us nowhere! Teach me."
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"Y-you want to know how to dance?" Olivia asked. To be honest she was surprised that Tharja of all people wanted to learn. The dark mage did intimidate the dancer with her piercing gaze. Let’s not forget the fact that she had the most perfect body and Olivia felt hers was…not up to par. Shaking her head she brushed away her thoughts and snapped back to the conversation.

"I’d love to teach you, Tharja." She said with a smile. "Wh-when would you like to start?"

Although it was faint and shrouded beneath the sound of the shower, Olivia knew those sobs all too well. The dancer stood outside the bathing tent as she heard her dearest son cry. It was enough to make her want to cry too, but she had to be a strong mother for him. Finally after swallowing the lump in her throat, she spoke. "I-inigo..? It's me.. Is everything okay?"
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Your muse finds my muse curled up in the shower crying, what’s their reaction?

The male quickly pulled himself together. Still wiping his very few tears that were left. He peeked to see his mother. What she had said in her concerned voice, had him stricken. It was all too familiar. Though he wanted to make no mind of it now. "Everything is fine. I just…." He looked away. Changing his last sentence. "The water was a bit too hot."

Though she was the reason he was crying.

The dancer’s lips pursed into a worried frown. She knew she was being lied to, but she made the decision to not call her son out on it. Whatever was making him so upset, she wanted to help him through it. Inigo meant the world to her and seeing him so sad made her heart shatter. She spoke again, holding back her tears.

"O-okay well… I’m here if you need anything. I-i’ll do anything I can to help."

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"O-oh gods is my hair frizzing?" Olivia patted her hair down, it was already a pain to take care of and the humid weather was no help.